Well,…Unsupervised learning in itself says not supervised learning.

Intuitively speaking,most of human and animal learning is unsupervised learning. We are not given right answer every where. We just make decision we find to be right and try to do less mistakes next time.

Just like above, unsupervised learning is the process of learning by machines without having labels (right answer) and making less errors next time(clustering does it by placing data in nearest clusters). And yeah , unsupervised learning is the actual AI that has so much hype for. …

Hmm…it’s been a while since I have not written any articles but guess what????

I am back with the bang to help you do your first machine learning project….

Don’t get intimidated by the name of MACHINE LEARNING…It sounds formidable not due to itself but due to the hype around the world that perceives this field as a career to be pursued by only the chosen ones…so called masterminds and inborn talents …🙄🙄

Would you like to know what I think..?

No ,not at all….It is a common field that can be pursued by anyone out there..
Man….you are just saying…

Hey mathematicians/computer scientists!!!!

Linear algebra is one of the most important mathematics domain to decipher a lot of real world problems .

And the first step for solving those problems is to know row reduction at first applying elementary row operations.

We could make our hands dirty solving those problems on our own and we can solve small problems but it becomes really complex when it comes to larger system of equations.

And to solve these problems ,machines are developed right?

I have my own experiences struggling a lot while solving those large system of equations by my own but…

Hmmm….Algorithms huh!!!

As I pledged in my last article that I would be writing about algorithms in next article.

Here I am buddies.

Algorithms are the core to building machine learning models and here I am providing details about most of the algorithms used for supervised learning to provide you with intuitive understanding for where to use it and where not to.

By the end of this article, you will be adept at algorithms from intuitive level of understanding.


So, folks here we…

Cool..!!!Machine learning sounds cool right .Isn’t it more cool if we learn more about it?If yes,then let’s move into it.

Machine learning ,a vast field, whose research and applications in the world are soaring high at a rapid rate in this century.

From 1990s when its research stopped almost everywhere due to no funding and now it has re-emerged into the world and practiced in almost every field which we could imagine.This is not a sheer consequence.Instead this field has been to the rise due to supervised learning and focus on narrow AI.

Well,pals supervised learning is one of three…

Well,well guys..Heart Disease Classification using structured data.

It might sound overwhelming about the topic that I have used “classical algorithms and neural networks” but it is actually not that difficult as you might expect.

The article is about comparison of heart disease classification using classical algorithms vs neural networks.

Classical approach goes for using algorithms from sklearn(classification algorithms) and neural networks for building deep learning model.

So,folks, let’s hop right into it.

Classical approach

First let’s embark our steps with classical algorithm which you might be familiar with.

Fear! dread! distress !!!

All above words sounds frustrating huh!!😥

And as a human being ,we all want to be fearless and thrive forward in our life.

Well,well buddies, what I have found to be the overcoming factor to fear is to know the reason of fear at first.

But the general reason to have fear are expectations and wants to be fearless.

Woh!! sound puzzling right but yeah that’s the bitter truth.Expecting to be fearless and wanting everything to go your way is the reason behind being fearful.

Oh man! you are only talking about fear and I am…

Holy goodness!

Machine learning is so awesome and sounds cool to put myself into .And now I am going to specialize in this field.😋

Oh !! But how do I start ?Where do I go to start coding?I am again puzzled now.😥.

Well well …guys don’t worry. Here I present you the solution to this trivial , still the most significant piece of work due to which most people get demoralized and get entangled thinking I don’t know where do I go from here.

Oh yeah…I am actually talking about notebooks which you should use to start coding machine learning…

So fellas, you must be wondering how I really got to developing Machine learning models within so less time interval.But its actually easy and much interesting as you go along with the steps which is described below.

And you know what???

Everything is free😍.


Photo from unsplash

Hey folks!!! Sounds complex reading the topic and your monkey mind might be evoking non-positive emotions within you but you are more than able to do it and wrap it up fluidly.

Once again,don’t worry.You are more than capable of doing it in no time.

But first of all let’s get a short and sweet intro to natural language processing(NLP).

1.What is natural language processing(NLP)?

NLP is just a way of teaching machine to understand language just like human.If you have got Apple phone then you must have siri in it and it is an application of NLP.

Anjan Parajuli

Machine learning student,Writer,Developer

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